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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nuit de Folie

While doing my intensive research on the French Aphrodisiaque cocktail, I noticed that the link trace at the top of the page included “Boissons Aphrodisiaques” (aphrodisiac drinks).  Being naturally curious on this topic, I clicked on the link and scanned the list of cocktails.  Nuit de Folie (night of madness) caught my eye.  That sounded like fun, so I clicked through.  The recipe is fairly simple with only three ingredients: grapefruit juice (I used white), rum, and framboise.  They specify Havana Club Cuban rum, which is not available in the US.  I would normally substitute Gosling’s Black Seal®, one of my favorite rums, but when mixed with the grapefruit juice it resulted in a rather unattractive hue, so I decided to use a light rum (I ended up using Bacardi®).  The original proportions of the Nuit de Folie were two parts grapefruit juice to one part rum.  This resulted in a rather tart cocktail, so after experimentation I reversed the proportions to two parts rum to one part grapefruit juice.  Feel free to experiment, especially if you like grapefruit juice.  You could also try adding simple syrup to sweeten it a little.

Nuit de Folie  (with acknowledgement to

2 oz light rum

1 oz grapefruit juice

.5 oz framboise liqueur

Combine ingredients with cracked ice in a shaker.  Shake friskily while thinking of Emmanuelle Béart.  Strain into the cocktail glass.  This cocktail can use some color, so garnish with a maraschino cherry.  Get ready for the night. 


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