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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Utah DABC debuts new, tricked out website

The Utah Mixologist got a little surprise this morning as he made his monthly virtual trek to the Utah DABC site to download the current price list spreadsheet.  A new website with:
  • a professionally photographed, animated slideshow
  • animated icons lined up across the page
  • a large “Find a Store” icon shaped like Utah
  • a convenient menu bar above the slide show

The bad news about all of this is that it means that all of the links in the posts that the Mixologist did last February to help you find whatever information you were looking for are now broken.  Never fear, my next project will be to fix the links and get the posts back up.

In the meantime, please be aware that the Product Listing is not accessed by clicking the wine bottle + glass icon, but from the “Product” link in the menu bar above the slide show.  Once there you can find out what’s on sale this month by clicking on “SPA Product List” in the left-hand menu bar.

For those of you who enjoy Rye in your Manhattan or Sazerac, this month the Utah Mixologist recommends the Wild Turkey Rye that is marked down to around 20 bucks (CS# 027116) and is in general distribution.

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  1. I'm still figuring out the Wild Turkey Rye. Like the regular, it's 100 proof. It really seems pretty hot. That really changes the percentages on the other ingredients to get things coming out tasting correct.

  2. Hi Brownbag:
    I was surprised when the DABC discontinued the Jim Beam Rye as their one-and-only economy (i.e. $20 range) Rye and replaced it with the Wild Turkey. At least the WT is in general distribution (the Beam was hard to find, drove up to Foothill for it once). Of course I still had trouble finding it at the Ft. Union store where I usually shop because it was shelved with the Bourbons instead of the Ryes.

    Please let us know if you develop a general rule for converting recipes...

  3. Interesting. I would get the Jim Beam at Foothill. Not my normal store, but I get by some for the beer selection. I'd rather have the Jim Beam than the Wild Turkey for a budget brand.