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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interesting Find: Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old, July 2010

When the Utah State Liquor Store system discontinues an item, it usually means steep mark-downs.  Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Canadian Blended Whisky (CS Code 10846), which is marked down 38% this month to $16, is no exception.  A product of the company founded by Hiram Walker, this interesting whisky is good for sipping and makes a great cocktail.  As of yesterday, the Fort Union store still had four cases left, but be sure to call ahead, or try your local store.  These tasting notes should give you a good idea of what Classic is like, but prudence dictates that you don’t buy too many bottles if you haven’t tried it before.  The Manhattan that the Utah Mixologist stirred up last night, however, was really tasty. 

There is the usual selection of items on “special price adjustment” this month.  One you might like if you’re into Gin and Martinis is Hendrick’s® Gin.  Scotland’s Hendrick’s is unexpectedly flavored with cucumber and rose petals, as well as the “usual” botanicals used in Gin.  Hendrick’s makes a great Classic Martini.  It’s still expensive($26, CS Code 028625), but many cocktailians say it’s well worth the price.  Bombay Sapphire® Gin is marked down this month, too, if that’s one of your favorites.

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