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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cocktail Coolers for your Fourth of July barbecue

The Fourth of July is usually the hottest long week-end of summer, at least when we are lucky enough to have it fall on a week-end…  In Utah this year we’ll be having warm, but not oppressively hot, weather.  It looks like great weather for a barbecue or cook-out.  While you could have beer at your cook-out, the fact that you’re reading the Utah Mixologist is a sure sign that you’re interested in doing something with a little bit extra.  For a really special event, you might want to try the Old Glory, a blended drink that will impress your friends, but is a lot of work.

When selecting cocktails for a barbecue, you probably want to think simple, but not too simple, they are cocktails.  Have the ingredients for two or three summer coolers ready to mix and enjoy.  Your guests should be suitably grateful.  Even if you’re not having a cook-out, these cocktails are great to enjoy while relaxing by the pool or just watching the sun go down.

Here are ten great summer cooler cocktails in time for the Fourth of July.  Pay attention to how much you’re drinking.  Summer coolers may not taste strong, but they have as much alcohol as any other cocktail.  Links to the recipes follow, but first view the slide show .  Find some coolers you like the looks of, and then return here to click through to the full articles.

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