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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top Ten Summer Cooler Cocktails

Summer is rapidly approaching. That’s a strange thing to say in Utah in June, but June has been cool and wet so far. One of these days, though, the heat will arrive with a vengeance. When that happens, your best bet is to have a selection of summer cooler cocktail recipes available to mix and enjoy on those hot week-end days as you sit and think of the yard work you should be doing. Better yet, have the ingredients for two or three of them available for your next summer cook-out. Your guests will thank you, and you may even want to thank yourself. If you’re not having a cook-out, they’re great to enjoy while you’re sitting in your lawn chair when you’re supposed to be mowing the lawn…

Links to the recipes follow, but first view the slideshow. Find a cooler you like the looks of, and then return here to click through to the recipe (or recipes).

Mai Tai
Tom Collins
Rum and Coke
Dark and Stormy
Pomegranate Rum Rickey
Singapore Sling
Gin and Tonic
Margarita Cooler

Photograph © J. Mathews

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