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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cocktails for Father’s Day: give the old man five!

It’s Father’s Day and you’re unemployed and broke. What can you do for your Dad to make him happy he has you around? How about making him a special cocktail? Whether you’re home for a visit, or still living with Dad, the smile on his face when he takes his first sip of the great looking cocktail you just shook up for him will be your reward as well as his. If Dad’s not a drinker, you’ll have to find some other way to make him happy (mow the lawn?), but then you can enjoy your own cocktail when you get back home. I must admit to being a little self-centered in making up this list; I just came up with five cocktails that I would like my kids to mix for me (hint). On the other hand, I think there is enough variety here that you and your father can find something to enjoy. So with your Dad’s (and your) satisfaction as my goal, I offer you this handful of cocktails to consider for Father’s Day. Enjoy!

Old Fashioned there’s something here for almost any Dad! While the classic Old Fashioned uses Bourbon, an Old Fashioned can also be mixed with Canadian Club, Brandy, Gin, or Rum, so you can almost make an Old Fashioned with your Dad’s favorite liquor, whatever it is.

Margarita – if Dad likes Tequila, he’s almost certain to love Margaritas. I like mine blended to moderate the speed of consumption.

Manhattan – Dad may already be an aficionado of this classic “man’s drink”. If he’s not, it’s high time you introduced him to this American original.

Sazerac – if Dad is partial to Rye, he will love this cocktail; if he’s not, maybe it’s time he and Rye were introduced. Warning: you will need an anise based liqueur (preferably Absinthe) to make a good Sazerac.

Sidecar – have you ever noticed Dad sipping on a Cognac or a fine brandy? If yes, chances are that he would enjoy a Sidecar. Why not help him give it a try? Be sure to tell him that the Sidecar is probably older than he is…

View a Slide Show of these cocktails.

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