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Friday, June 12, 2009

Margarita Cooler – go south for your summer cocktail

For my final (and tenth) top summer cooler, I decided to recommend a delicious Margarita Cooler.  Think of it as a Margarita without the salt.  I recommend a Blanco or Plata (Silver) Tequila in this cooler.  If all you have is a Joven or Oro (Gold) Tequila, go ahead and use it; it probably won’t kill you.  These proportions are based on my finely tuned Margarita recipe.  If you have your own Margarita recipe, you may want to alter the proportions to follow your own recipe and better suit your taste.  If you do stick with a high quality Tequila (like a nice Plata), you might want to upgrade the Triple Sec to Cointreau® or Grand Marnier®.


Margarita Cooler

2 oz. Blanco or Plata Tequila

Juice of one freshly squeezed lime (about 1 oz.) or lime juice

½ oz. Triple Sec

1 tsp. Simple Syrup, Bar Sugar or sweetener of your choice

Pour the Tequila, lime juice, and Triple Sec into an empty Collins glass.  Add the syrup or sugar and stir (if using sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved).  Fill the Collins glass about ¾ full of ice, top off with soda water, and stir lightly.  Garnish with a lime wheel, serve with a straw, and enjoy.  Olé!

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