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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cocktail ingredients Utah update – November 2012

Find something on sale to make a nice Manhattan.

Salt Lake City cocktailians will be disappointed to see that the Special Price Adjustment (SPA) list this month is a lot leaner than it was last month.  This is just the normal pre-December doldrums that we experience every November; Santa Claus comes next month, and his SPA list is usually very generous in December.  We will soon be presented with a cornucopia of liquor oriented gift items and sparkling wines for New Year’s celebrations.

The standout Tequila deals this month are a pair of El Jimadors®: the Reposado and the Blanco are both marked down from $20 to $17.  Regular readers will know that a good Silver (or Plata or Blanco) is an essential ingredient in the ever popular Margarita, but this Reposado also makes outstanding cocktails.  For those who love Vodka Martinis, this month it’s bottles of Ketel One that are marked down from $25 to $22.  There are also a bunch of Vodkas and the usual large number of flavored Vodkas on SPA.

This month the Gin to try is Tanqueray, marked down from $25 to $22. Try it in a Tom Collins.  If you have an open bottle of sparkling wine but you’re in the mood for something a little stronger that a Champagne cocktail, try a French 75 – a reliable champagne (and gin) cocktail that is sure to have just the kick you need. 

November is not a total desert in the cocktail arena, however.  If you’re into Bourbons, and if you like something a little pricier, Jack Daniels® Single Barrel (CS# 026906) is available for $43 (that’s a generous $3 off) should make a great Bourbon Manhattan.  All of the Scotch Whiskies marked down this month are blends, so if you’re looking for something to put into your Rob Roy you can get some Johnnie Walker® Red or a large (1750 ml.) bottle of Dewars® White Label.

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