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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn is apple cocktail time

Bob for Apples combines the flavors of Rum,
cinnamon and apples
October is the time for fresh apples, apple juice, and apple cider.  My memories of childhood parties in October always include apple cider and powdered-sugar donuts.  Adulthood, however, expands our autumn horizons.  There is still apple juice and apple cider (and perhaps even powdered-sugar donuts), but now those liquid refreshments can be combined with adult beverages to create delicious fall cocktails.

Apple juice and cider are very versatile; they easily combine with Whiskey, Rum, and other liquors.  Astute readers are aware that cider and juice are not the same thing; indeed cider and cider don’t always taste the same.  Cider, which sports a more robust flavor than its tamer brother, is often unpasteurized, and “the real deal” is usually available only close to the apple harvest. Always experiment a little with the ingredients you have.  You may need to adjust the recipe by varying the amount of cider or juice to get the flavor of your cocktail just where you like it.

My first choice for a Whiskey and apple cocktail is the Rye-based Rapple. It’s a great mixture of spicy Rye, apple, and maple flavors, and is guaranteed to remind you of autumn in the country.  As you can imagine, Bourbon also goes very well with apple juice.  You might want to try the Status Update that I found on Bourbon Buzz, which tartens things up a bit with the addition of lime juice.

If you prefer Rum in your autumn cocktails, you might like the Bob for Apples.  What’s not to like about Rum, cinnamon, and apples?  It will remind you of homemade apple pie, but with more of a kick.  A nice alternative is Epicurious’ Happy Apple Rum Twist, which also tartens things up a bit with lime juice.

If you’re not in the mood for a cocktail, Hard Cider, which has its own rewards, is more widely available than it used to be. Sweet or dry, it’s pleasures are well worth exploring for those that have the inclination.

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