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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cocktails for your Super Bowl party… why not?

It’s time for the Super Bowl, and while many football fans in Salt Lake City may not be personally invested in either of the teams, the Super Bowl is still a great excuse to have a party.  While many people think “beer” when planning a Super Bowl party, Utah mixologists know that less filling cocktails are the way to go.  The secret of success is to offer tall (and therefore more dilute) drinks.  Your best bet is to have ingredients for a variety of easy to mix, long cocktails available to please all of your guests.  Select some cocktail recipes based on three or four liquors (e.g. Rum, Gin, and Tequila) to please a variety of guests. 

Or you could try a punch.  Punches are easy to make and require little attention once the party gets going.  Cocktail guru and author David Wondrich’s book on Punch is a great resource, plus he gives a recipe in his post on Punch on the blog at  (The Utah Mixologist highly recommends Wondrich’s book Imbibe!)  Another post on by mixologist Joaquín Simó gives a fun sounding punch recipe.  If you decide on punch, you might want to get going today; some require advance preparation.
Cocktails, punch, or beer, you should keep in mind that four or five hours of drinking is too much. Pace yourself, have some soft-drinks and water available, encourage your guests (and yourself) to take it easy and alternate hard and soft drinks, and, of course, know when to stop.

Here are links to some simple recipes, check out the ingredients and find some you like the looks of, then stock up and enjoy your cocktail fueled Super Bowl party!

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