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Friday, April 2, 2010

What’s at the Utah DABC Store, April 2010?

There are two fine Vodkas marked down in April: Teton Glacier ($18.99, CS Code # 038115) and Tito’s Handmade ($16.99, CS Code # 038176).  (Too bad there are no bargains in April like the great deal on (ri)1 Rye Whiskey that the Utah Mixologist told you about last month.)  Both of these brands produce far less than the large, industrialized brands, but the results are worth going out of your way for, and we are lucky to be able to get both of them in Utah.  The Vodka section even has a review of the Teton Glacier.  If you read the recent post on the White Russian, you’ll know that the other essential ingredient in that cocktail (besides Vodka) is Kahlua.  The DABC has accommodated us this month by having Kahlua (1000ml, $20.99, CS Code # 067527) on sale, too, and you can check it out in the Coffee Liqueur section. 

Have you ever thought that you might be wasting that good, French sipping Cognac when you mix it in a cocktail?  Well, you’re probably right.  The best way I know to get around that problem is to use some far less expensive domestic Brandy in cocktails.  This month there are two inexpensive, high quality Brandies from E&J marked down: the VSOP ($10.99, CS Code # 052582) and the XO ($13.00, CS Code # 052563).  Both of these will do well in a Sidecar or any other cocktail and hurt your wallet far less than the Remy Martin will.  Check out the Brandy ratings  here.

If you like cocktails, it’s never a waste of time to download the sale book to see what’s marked down during the current month.  Every so often you can find one of your favorite brands on sale.   If you don’t know how to obtain this useful information, check out the post on “What’s on sale” at the Utah DABC, and see the associated posts for more information.  As always call ahead to your favorite store and ask if they have CS Code # for the item you want in stock.  With two great but affordable Vodka’s marked down this month, here’s a recipe for a classic Vodka cocktail, the Cosmopolitan.


2 oz vodka
½ oz triple sec (or Grand Marnier®)
½ oz freshly squeezed lime juice
2 oz cranberry juice

Add the ingredients to a shaker full of ice.  Shake con brio until you know it’s ready.  Pour into a chilled cocktail glass.   For the classic Cosmo, garnish with a lime wheel.  To get a deeper red color, add more cranberry juice and use Grand Marnier instead of triple sec.

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