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Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Twitter Musings

I keep falling behind on my reports about the Twitterverse.  Today I thought I would present you a selection of some of the more humorous cocktail tweets I’ve come across in the last month or so.  They range from slightly unusual to very delusional, from poetic to frenetic, but all have some entertainment value.  And on a different type of cocktail related note, a surprising number of people appear to be getting screwed on the number of cherries they find in their fruit cocktail.

“lol join me for a cocktail, I am having a raz from bacardi never even knew that it had bats all over the bottle till i stared” @pepperjo68 3/29/9 (If you stare too long, the bats will flap their wings – UM)

“'God gave men brains larger than dogs so they wouldn't hump women's legs at cocktail parties.' - Ruth Libby.” @Krashenburn 4/25/9

“humpty dumpty sat on wall humpty dumpty had a great fall why did humpty have a great fall because humpty dumpty had a cocktail on that wall” @AlexdaKat 3/29/9 (This doesn’t scan well, but at least it demonstrates a good grasp of causality. – UM)

“@raincoaster I like matching panties to the cocktail for the evening haha” @erinmaher (You’ve got to like a woman that thinks this way… panties might be sandy if cocktail is Sex on the Beach, frumpy if cocktail is Old Fashioned, … OMG the possibilities – UM)

“Having leisurely lunch @ café claude. Gotta love a place that names a cocktail “zidane's coup de tête” ” @ivanski 4/15/9 (Had to include this for you football fans – UM) 

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