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Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Paddy’s Day Cocktails, Part II

What would St. Patrick’s Day (SPD) be without some green cocktails?  It would still be fun, but for some people the wearing of the green isn’t enough; they can’t celebrate SPD without drinking the green, too.  So here is a selection of cocktails for those hardcore drinkers of the green…

First, after all those years of living in Chicago, I thought of green beer.  Just adding green food coloring to beer seemed to lack originality.  Some of the run of the mill green cocktail ingredients like Crème de Menthe and Midori® didn’t appeal to me when I thought about combining them with beer, although Midori has possibilities.  Then I remembered that mixing yellow and blue make green, and I had a bottle of Blue Curacao in the bar.  Blue Curacao tastes of bitter orange, so I needed a beer that would go well with the orange flavor but not be overpowered by the bitter.  Blue Moon (I know –  it’s a Belgian ale) came to mind, since it is already flavored with orange and coriander and usually served with an orange wheel to enhance those flavors.  (Note: Do Not serve this drink with an orange wheel on SPD.)  The Blue Moon also gave me the name: Irish Moon.  Think of the moon rising over County Tipperary, where my Irish ancestors came from.  If you must have green beer on SPD, this is the way to go.  Be cautious, though.  Blue Curacao is bitter, use just enough to get some green color without turning your beer bitter.  Taste and experiment. 

Next I thought I would throw in some champagne cocktails.  I know, I know, champagne isn’t Irish either, but it is appropriate for any celebration, and you should always have a bottle or two in the fridge for emergencies or celebrations, whichever comes up first.  One advantage of champagne cocktails is that if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to be using your best champagne.  Actually, I would encourage you to drink your good champagne au naturel and to buy less expensive brands for use in cocktails.  The first champagne cocktail, the Shamrock Champagne, is just a simple mix of Midori® melon liqueur and champagne.  You and your guests should enjoy the elegant, transparent green appearance of this cocktail when served in a champagne flute.  I found the final champagne cocktail, Irish Lady, at Drinks Mixer™ and have changed the preparation a little to keep the champagne colder, but that’s about it.  When served in a flute, this cocktail will remind you of a slender, red-headed colleen dressed in a pale green gown.  Exquisite.

Beannachtai ná Fhéile Pádraig!


Irish Moon

¼ - ½ oz Blue Curacao

1 bottle Blue Moon® beer

Pour Blue Curacao into a chilled pilsner glass.  Fill slowly with Blue Moon and serve.


Shamrock Champagne

½ oz Midori® melon liqueur

5 oz Champagne

Pour Midori into a chilled champagne flute.  Fill flute with champagne and serve.


Irish Lady

1 oz Midori® melon liqueur

1 oz orange juice

3 oz Champagne

Pour Midori and orange juice into a shaker half full of ice.  Shake well and strain into a chilled champagne flute.  Fill flute with champagne and serve.


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