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Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Musings from the Twitterverse

My TweetDeck “cocktail” search continues to deliver lots of entertainment value, whether I’m sipping a cocktail while reading it or not.  In the interest of bringing you messages from the front lines of the cocktail culture, I decided to start saving the more interesting tweets and to blog them whenever I build up a good set.  The cocktail frenzy seems to reach a crescendo on Friday, so today is a good day to post.  Besides, I'm stuck at my dad’s with no cocktail gear in sight…

“đồng chí @jishanvn có pha mấy ly nước chanh mà cứ nổ là cocktail , thật nà hâm mộ bạn í =)) #chemgio” @dlead 3/24/9 (cocktail as universal language… – UM)

“habe heut einen #cocktail für 4,50€ getrunken - und das in #HH! #cafe #may #apostelkirche #eimsbüttel” @frollein_bombus 3/28/9 (further proof – UM)

““I’m a hobbyist, but I'm sort of intense about it,” said @maddow of her cocktail affinity. “I’m like a mean dork about it.” ME TOO!” @amytokes 3/25/9 (A lot of us think that way. – UM)

“going home for a cocktail. screw this.” @lisaatcupcake 3/25/9 (A lot of us think that way. – UM)

“Just remembering that one of the downsides to cocktail parties is the hours standing about in stilettos. On the plus side there is champagne” @MAllyse 3/25/9 (A lot of us think that way… those stilettos kill my feet, too. – UM)

 “I wish I was laid on a beach with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other!! but instead im in an office bored and its freezing!!” @DANCINGRED 3/25/9 (I took this as daydreaming about reading and sipping a cocktail while having sex on the beach, but draw your own conclusions.  I do, however agree with the cocktail part. – UM)

 “Nothing wrong with a cocktail at lunch... It's not considered drinking until you've had 4 shots.” @prettyfontaine 3/26/9 (!!– UM)

“@Zuzusu great bar and cocktail list, but why are there always dodgy middle aged men in leather jackets at the bar when you're ordering?” @FionaKyle 3/28/9 (Fiona: the UM may be dodgy and middle-aged, but no leather jacket. – UM)

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