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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cocktail ingredients Utah update – September 2014

For a smooth ride, try a Sidecar!
Utah cocktailians can thank heaven that August is officially over and the Utah DABC State Liquor Stores have once again loosened the SPA purse strings for September.  The number of items on SPA (Special Price Adjustment) this month increased from only 288 in August to 335 in September. That means it’s time to get ready for cold weather cocktails by stocking your bar with September bargains.  So as the nights grow cooler and the late summer days grow noticeably shorter, here are some cocktail ideas that, combined with some sale items, can stretch your cocktail dollar.

In case you’re looking for liquors to accompany the key ingredient of your cocktail, or even be the main ingredient, you might want to try one of the following.  A favorite Triple-Sec substitute (if you’re still using that $10 Triple Sec, why not treat yourself? If you do, you may never go back...) is Gran Gala Orange Liqueur, marked down 14% to $19.  It’s cheaper than Grand Marnier, but almost as good.  E&J VSOP is a decent Brandy for mixing; it’s marked down 21% to $11.5, can do good duty in a Sidecar (or any other cocktail), and will hurt your wallet far less than mixing with your favorite Cognac. 

There are some nice Plata Tequilas on sale this month.  A couple you might like to try are Milagro Silver (13% to $26) or 1800 Silver (6% to $29).  Either of these will make a dynamite Margarita.  Why not mix them with Gran Gala Orange Liqueur (see above)?  There is also a nice selection of Reposados marked down this month, check them out at your local store.

There are only a couple of Bourbons on price adjustment this month; Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon can make a great BLT and is available for $25 (7% off).  Another Bourbon on sale is Jack Daniels Black Label for $22.5 (12% off).

If you enjoy Rum, the state has limited markdowns this month.  You might want to try Cruzan Dark at $11.  If you’re a fan of Appleton Estates, VX is marked down 14% to $18.  Vodka lovers will be pleased that there is a good selection of Vodkas in bottles large and small on sale this month, including Skyy and Stoli.  All Vodka brands have their fans and detractors, but there is something for almost everyone.  Finally, Martini lovers will be pleased to know that they don’t have to go thirsty this month.  Hendricks Gin (6% to $34 makes an excellent Classic Martinis. There are a handful of other Gins on sale, mostly in 1.75 liter bottles, so this might be the time to stock up on your favorite.

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  1. Thanks for the UABC update. Thanks for mentioning the Sidecar.