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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surprise your Dad: make him a cocktail for Father’s Day!

Campden Cocktail

Is your Dad tired of the power tools you’ve been buying him for Father’s Day every year?  Perhaps it’s time to try something new.  Think: what can you do for your Dad to make him happy that you are around?   Assuming you’re of legal drinking age, why not make him a special cocktail?  Whether you’re home for a visit, or still living with Dad, the smile that lights up his face when he takes his first sip of the delicious cocktail you just stirred up for him will be your reward as well as his.  Note: if Dad’s not a drinker, you’ll have to find some other way to make him happy (mow his lawn?), but then you can enjoy a cocktail when you get back home. 

If you’re a regular reader, you should know how to make great cocktails.  You can get by without a lot of expensive gear, but be sure to use quality ingredients.  Finally, be sure you have all the ingredients you need for the specific cocktail.  There should be enough variety here that you and your Father can find something to enjoy.  Find one that your Father might enjoy, or that uses his favorite liquor, and get busy.

Sazerac – if you think your Dad is in a cocktail rut, but you know he’s partial to Rye, he will love this cocktail.  If he’s not partial to Rye, maybe it’s time he and Rye were introduced.  Warning: you will need an anise based liqueur (preferably Absinthe) to make a good Sazerac.

Sidecar – have you ever noticed Dad sipping a Cognac or a fine brandy?  If yes, chances are that he would enjoy a Sidecar.  Why not help him give it a try?  Be sure to point out that the Sidecar is probably older than he is… (around 90.)

Vesper Martini – if Dad loves Martinis, and especially if he enjoys James Bond movies, he will probably enjoy the Vesper Martini.  Developed for Ian Fleming by Gilberto Preti for Fleming’s (at the time) latest book, Casino Royale, the Vesper is quite a drink, even if it’s shaken and not stirred…  one of my favorites.
Tuaca Tropical Margarita – if Dad likes Tequila and Margaritas, the Tuaca Tropical Margarita is a cocktail he should enjoy.  Every bit as yummy as a Margarita, it’s just different enough to make him sit up and take notice.

Campden Cocktail – you might think it’s unfair to have two Gin cocktails in this list, but if Dad is a Gin lover (and what Dad isn’t), the Campden may be his next Favorite.  As a cocktailian, you should have all the ingredients at hand, so get moving.

Old Fashioned – there’s something here for almost any Dad!  If nothing interests you so far, the Old Fashioned may be the solution.  While the classic Old Fashioned uses Bourbon, an Old Fashioned can also be mixed with Canadian Club, Brandy, Gin, or Rum, so you can probably make an Old Fashioned with your Dad’s favorite liquor, whatever it is.  Just pick a complementary bitter.

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