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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rapple Cocktail reminds you of autumn in the country

Salt Lake City cocktailians may be serving wine or cocktails with their Thanksgiving dinners this Thursday.  Those considering cocktails might like to try a simple cocktail that was just developed by the Utah Mixologist, the Rapple.  The Rapple was developed at the request of a friend who wanted a signature cocktail for Thanksgiving dinner.  New cocktails always require a little thought.  Browsing some cocktail recipes that used Whiskey and maple syrup got me interested in giving that combination a try, so those ingredients sounded like a good starting point.  While you can serve strong cocktails like a Manhattan with dinner, people do tend to drink more while eating a meal, so including some juice or a mixer is a good idea to dilute the alcohol a bit.  Apple juice was a good fit for the season, as was the Maple syrup, and the orange peel garnish delivers a little extra fruitiness that goes well with your Thanksgiving menu.  Rye was chosen because its extra spiciness is strong enough to come through the maple syrup and apple juice.  The syrup delivers sweetness, but there is also the richness of the maple that gives this cocktail a little something extra. 

If you don’t happen to have any Rye Whiskey in your bar, the Utah DABC sells Jim Beam® Rye (CS# 027056, $15), a good, basic Rye to use in Rye-based cocktails that is in general distribution.  This cocktail is delicious served up in a cocktail glass, but if you want to serve it with dinner, you might want to serve it on the rocks to make it last longer and to keep it fresh and cold during the meal.

  • 1 ½ oz Rye Whiskey
  • 2 oz Apple Juice
  • 1 tsp Maple syrup
  • 1 dash Angostura® Bitters

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass 2/3 full of ice.  Stir until well chilled. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.  (You may also build it in a rocks glass.)  Twist a slice of orange peel above the glass, rub it around the rim, and drop it in, or garnish with a fresh orange twist.

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