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Saturday, October 22, 2011

DonQ rocks the night at PDX Cocktail Week

The second evening of PDX Cocktail Week was highlighted by a bash sponsored by DonQ Rum called “DonQ Yacht Rockin Night” at Lola’s Room in the downtown Crystal Ballroom.  The room was decorated in a semi-Caribbean/Key West theme, the staff and guests were issued simulated old, beat-up yachting caps and old 70's & 80's tunes blared over the amp; there were even some models in hot pants. The mascot was a giant red crab (see photo). What was not to like? Later in the evening a live band named "Karaoke from Hell" showed up; it was everything you would imagine upon hearing the name. They played oldies like "Brandy", "Ring of Fire", and "Sunday Afternoon".

DonQ makes Rum in Puerto Rico, and offers a full line of different types of Rums.  Drink stations around the room each featured a different DonQ Rum cocktail:
Black Bitter Stirred reminded me of a Whiskey drink and tasted almost chocolaty, quite nice.  It was served up and is a great sipping cocktail. I think it was my favorite cocktail of the evening, it was made from Blackbeard Rum, Fernet Branca, Orgeat syrup, and lemon juice.
Cinnamon Rum Punch was a mixture of DonQ Gold Rum, Darjeeling tea, lemon juice, ginger liqueur, over-proof cognac, honey, ground cinnamon, with some Angostura Bitters thrown in for good measure.  It was quite tasty, the Rum & spiciness of the mix complimented each other. This was really good, too, my second favorite cocktail of the evening.
Okolemaluna Fizz ( Okolemaluna allegedly means "bottoms up" in Hawaiian) was a shaken cocktail (duh, it’s a fizz) with Blackbeard Spiced Rum, lime juice, Hawaiian Chili Syrup, egg white, cream, and Ginger Beer.  Thanks to the Chili Syrup and Ginger Beer, it had a spicy, piquant flavor. This is my third favorite cocktail of the evening.
RWC was a blend of DonQ Cristal Rum, lemon juice, Falernum, orange bitters, and blood orange soda.  There was a nice interplay between the falernum and the soda, and it made for a nice, refreshing cooler.

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