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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mixing up a cocktail of social media in Utah

Social media (the media, not the movie) are big in Salt Lake City, and just about everywhere else.  Today on Twitter, the Utah Mixologist noticed that Drink Me! magazine was having a holiday haiku contest on Facebook.  Now, when the Mixologist thinks “winter” and “cocktail” he usually thinks of Whiskey drinks (except perhaps when he thinks of the Hot Rum Toddy that he often makes for Mrs. Mixologist (medicinal use only)).   Great Whiskey drinks are not hard to think of (Manhattan, Sazerac, and Old Fashioned (a great looking drink for the winter holidays) come to mind), but the Manhattan had come first (of course) so he penned (well, typed) the following.  If this gets your creative juices flowing, write your own haiku and post it on Drink Me!’s wall. Comments are welcome.

“Drink me” said the note
on the frosty Manhattan.
Could it be a trap?

Last time I had one,
visions of Santa flooded…
overwhelmed my mind

What little red elf
had stirred, embittered, this drink?
Sweet, Dry, or Perfect?

And was it Bourbon
beckoning to me, or Rye?
Seductive(!) cherry.

Finally I thought
“the true meaning of Christmas,
Juicy red, lies there.”

Seizing the moment,
and the Manhattan, I drank…
“Hello,” said Santa.

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