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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bobby Burns: a cocktail fling from the Italian Highlands

Not quite enjoying a prematurely cold November evening in Salt Lake City, the Utah Mixologist was thumbing through the Savoy Cocktail Book (1930) looking for something interesting to mix up when he stumbled across the Bobby Burns cocktail.  As always, when you’re looking for a classic cocktail to experiment with, the Savoy is a good source of cocktail inspiration.  At first glance, the Bobby Burns sounded a bit like the Rob Roy, another Scotch Whisky classic cocktail, but where warlike Rob Roy has a dash of bitters, the more poetic Bobby Burns has three dashes of Benedictine.  Connoisseurs of good Scotch will want to save their single malt for sipping, so any decent blended Scotch (e.g. Dewar’s®) is recommended for this cocktail.  Instead of Italian Vermouth, I ended up using my favorite sweet Vermouth (Quady Vya™, available in Utah (CS# 910764), keep it in the fridge once it’s open).  This interesting blend of herbals from the Vermouth and Benedictine combined with the Scotch is to be savored.  As it says in the Savoy, “One of the very best Whisky Cocktails. A very fast mover on Saint Andrews Day.” So put on your Scotland football jersey, stir up a Bobby Burns, and enjoy.  And don’t forget to have one on St. Andrew’s Day (November 30).

Bobby Burns Cocktail

1 ½  oz Italian Vermouth (Sweet Vermouth, like Quady Vya)
1 ½  oz Scotch Whisky (use blended, like Dewar’s)
3 dashes (1/3 teaspoon) Benedictine

Pour ingredients into a mixing glass half full of cracked ice.  Stir briskly until well chilled, and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.  Twist a piece of lemon peel over the glass, rub it lightly around the rim, and drop it in.  Enjoy while it’s icy cold.

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