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Friday, February 19, 2010

The El Diablo – a hot cocktail the Devil himself might enjoy

A slow Thursday evening watching Olympic Hockey from Vancouver when @ThirstyInLA tweeted about sipping an El Diablo, an interesting sounding highball cocktail that counted Crème de Cassis and Ginger Beer among the ingredients. Since there was some Reed’s® Ginger Beer in the fridge for the occasional Dark and Stormy, it sounded like a cocktail that had to be sampled (everyone stocks Ginger Beer, right? In Salt Lake City you can usually find it at Target and World Market). Some quick research on the web located recipes that used Ginger Ale and any kind of Tequila, but ThirstyInLA’s combination of Plata and Ginger Beer sounded intriguing, and it was. The combination of Plata with the heat of the Ginger Beer was, well, diabolical.

El Diablo

1 ½ oz Plata (Silver) Tequila

½ oz Crème de Cassis

½ oz fresh lime juice

5-6 oz Ginger Beer

Add Tequila, Crème de Cassis, and freshly squeezed lime juice to a shaker half full of ice. Let it rest while you fill a highball glass half full of ice cubes. Shake that shaker like the devil himself is after you (for all you know, he is). Strain into the highball glass and fill it with Ginger Beer and more ice if needed. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve with a straw.

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